Deep learning framework developed by Yangqing Jia / BVLC

Caffe Model Zoo

Lots of people have used Caffe to train models of different architectures and applied to different problems, ranging from simple regression to AlexNet-alikes to Siamese networks for image similarity to speech applications. To lower the friction of sharing these models, we introduce the model zoo framework:

Where to get trained models

First of all, we provide some trained models out of the box. Each one of these can be downloaded by running scripts/ <dirname> where <dirname> is specified below:

User-provided models are posted to a public-editable wiki page.

Model info format

A caffe model is distributed as a directory containing:

Hosting model info

Github Gist is a good format for model info distribution because it can contain multiple files, is versionable, and has in-browser syntax highlighting and markdown rendering.

Try doing scripts/ models/bvlc_alexnet to test the uploading (don’t forget to delete the uploaded gist afterward).

Downloading models is not yet supported as a script (there is no good commandline tool for this right now), so simply go to the Gist URL and click “Download Gist” for now.

Hosting trained models

It is up to the user where to host the .caffemodel file. We host our BVLC-provided models on our own server. Dropbox also works fine (tip: make sure that ?dl=1 is appended to the end of the URL).